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It's one of the things my wife and I REALLY enjoy doing. We don't go as often as we like but we do it as often as we can. This is the "away" part!

My Travel Diaries

Journal or DiaryOn some of our trips, I had the good sense to keep a journal as we went along. (Why only on some trips, I don't know; I guess sometimes I was just lazy.)  In any case, they were fun to write and I can more-or-less relive the trips by reading them.  For a while I hesitated posting them 'cause my wife said it might be a bit pretentious.  However, at one point I was planning another trip and doing some serious surfing for information. It occurred to me that journals like these would be helpful.  Since I've begun posting them, I've gotten some pretty positive feedback from readers and quite a few requests for more information.  I've also had some not-so-nice feedback from a few people who have taken exception to my opinions but I guess you'll have that.  What I write is only my opinion but I'm entitled to it and I "calls 'em as I sees 'em."   I'm certainly no expert but feel free to e-mail me if you think I might be able to help you in planning a trip.

Slideshow of photosFor some trips, though I'd written no journal, I'd taken a lot of photos.  From them, I've created a number of slide shows of some of the more interesting or informative ones.  While there's not as much detail as in the journals, I've written what I can remember.  I hope you find them interesting.


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