If you fly, you can't help being moved by the the poem, High Flight.

If you're a student or someone thinking about flying, check out my "Diary of a Student Pilot".   Incidentally, for you "old folks" thinking you're too old to learn to fly, I started taking lessons 2 days before my 49th birthday! These are pictures of my "baby", which I bought on my 50th birthday:

My baby and meThe business end...

Shortly after getting my PPL, I bought a plane.  Here is how that played out.  After flying it for about 5 years, I finally got it painted.

In July of 2000, I made my first pilgrimage to EAA's AirVenture in Oshkosh. I returned in 2001, 2003, 2005, 2008 and 2012 (no notes on that one.) 

A critical element in flying is the weather. Be sure to check out my Weather Page.

Normally, we pilots try to stay inside the airplane. However, just to appreciate another point of view (so to speak), I decided to take a dive. Read here about my Skydive Adventure.

As part of my quest to experience as many aspects as I can of aviation, I decided to take a helicopter lesson. You might think I'm nuts but, then..., you'd be in good company! Read all about it.

I continue to fly as often as I can and try to log at least 100 hours a year but I normally fall a bit short of that goal.  To make things a little more interesting, I spent some time "collecting" airports

While every flight has been enjoyable in one way or another, there have been some especially memorable flights.

A great experience was a flight from MJG to HZL on the Collings Foundation's B-17.  Click here to see some pix and learn more about that adventure.

The end of an era. All good things come to an end. Here's the story of my last flight as PIC.

I've collected a LOT of Aviation Links.  Give them a try!